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Partners in our business venture will own their own business and therefore have the choice to put in as much - or as little - effort as they choose. It really depends on the desire to earn the financial rewards available.

One of the most invigorating elements of this new e-Commerce venture is its tremendous flexibility. For starters, you can reap rewards three different ways:
You'll have access to thousands of premium products and services, many of them unique to this site ... one of the most exciting, fun and friendly places to shop on the Web.

You'll also get a direct line to special offerings and exclusive savings.

You'll enjoy unlimited potential for success through online marketing and business-building. You'll be guided through proven marketing and supply models.

The rewards you deserve!

Here are a few examples:

bullet Unique money-saving promotions on exclusive products and services
bullet Outstanding deals on famous-brand merchandise
bullet Exceptional special offers
bullet Web-based e-mail
bullet Personalised Web pages (just like this one)
bullet Ability to develop a global business with your international contacts
bullet Access to industry entrepreneurs both in Australia and internationally
bullet Access to world class Continuing Education Program and Personal Development Systems
bullet Specialised Personal Services
bullet Freedom to do more of the things you want - you decide!

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