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According to Business Week (March 21, 1999 issue), thirty-five percent of all employees who do not receive regular mentoring from their employers, plan to leave their jobs. Forty-one percent of employees who receive poor training from their companies stated their intention to leave within the year. Mentoring and training programs are now becoming a vital part of any successful organization, as technology replaces personal contact and relationships.

In the high tech world of the Internet, AIM Pty and its support system offer a high touch solution. We have developed a highly sophisticated and personal coaching and mentoring program to assist our members in developing their business networks.

Programs have been developed with the help of experienced business leaders and expert consultants in the field of leadership development and personal growth.

Should you choose to participate, you will have access to these "high touch" coaching and training programs designed to enhance your level of success and profitability.

Certain proven concepts and strategies have been developed to help you succeed in your business. Many years of combined experience enable us to provide a variety of seminars, conventions, and business support materials to specifically meet the needs of the Business Owner.

The leadership will also be there to provide you with personal coaching and mentoring, adding a high touch aspect to the high tech opportunity.

Through our Leadership Connection online magazine, you'll receive valuable leadership information and you'll meet those who are succeeding in the business.


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