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The Internet Revolution

Make no mistake about it, those who take advantage of an e-Commerce based business now may reap significant rewards in the future. Though still in its early stages of development, the use of the Internet literally doubles every 100 days.

Technology has revolutionized more than the physical world around us. It has also changed our financial options. It is a new age of business.

The possibility of generating substantial supplemental income, which once required a major investment of time or money - or both, is now within reach of everyone.

We are a global business enterprise with instant access to products and services of hundreds of corporations. With thousands of premium products, satisfaction guarantees and the seamless coordination of more than 500 manufacturer-suppliers already in place, we are prepared to take advantage of the e-Commerce revolution.

The market will now suddenly become as wide as the web, thanks to state-of-the-art on-line shopping technology. And you, by becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO) affiliated with us can benefit financially.

Business Not as Usual

The traditional store and wholesale supplier are now bypassed. As a result, you - the IBO - can take advantage of great deals on product purchases for personal use. You can also register additional members or IBOs, receiving income based on the volume of total purchases.

A percentage of the suggested retail price is refunded monthly to the IBO in the form of indexed rebates for volume; the more volume generated, the higher the percentage returned.

In most careers and in virtually all jobs, income is limited by hours invested; typically, time and expertise are traded for money. Well-paid professionals earn for their personal production.

Owners of conventional businesses leverage resources through employees and contracted services while attempting to keep costs low. The ideal business is one that can create recurring revenues without creating recurring expense, an ideal inherent in the business structure offered to IBOs.

Getting Connected!

Linking up is simple; an IBO Starter Pack available from your IBO sponsor will establish you as the owner of your own in-home business with the ability to become part of the Internet revolution.

In the meantime, you as an IBO, will immediately have access via computer to products and services available through the system for home delivery at wholesale cost, and you'll have the ability to register others. Overhead is minimal and no employees or inventory is required.

Making It Happen

Proven concepts and systems are available to help you succeed as an IBO. Business support is provided throughout the world to assist you in the development of your business.

Technology and opportunity have met. Will you be a fascinated observer or a profitable participant? The next move is yours.

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